I always look forward to showing new artwork to Gango Editions. Along with their excitement and supportive feedback, we have always had a great exchange of ideas for colors and designs – whether that be to create something fresh or to meet current trends or requests. Working with them is a balance of uniting my unique inspiration along with their expertise in the print market, making for a fun and rewarding relationship. 

Jeni Lee

I have been working with Gango Editions continuously since 1996. In the very beginning, they assured me of their dedication to art and artists. Throughout the years since, they have unfailingly lived up to their promises by maintaining exceptional attention to quality and honest communications with me.

For me, art is more than an income--it's a way of life. Every part of the experience has importance and value. I believe the same could be said about the people of Gango Editions. They truly love their jobs. Gango represents what I consider to be the ideal balance between caring and professionalism. 

Amy Melious

I am very pleased to be working with Gango Editions. Working with the Gango team gives me an advantage in the ever changing marketplace. Gango shares feedback from their customers, trends, and market demands. I love getting color pallets and trend information to help guide my work. It is nice to know that my creativity is matched with a team working for our mutual success. 

Pamela Gladding


We are a growing company in the art industry. Our markets are expanding and the time is right to join us and deliver your images to retail buyers across the country.

Artists are essential to the success of our company. Our customers require a constant supply of new art and our artists allow us to meet that demand. We encourage artists to contact us to see if we might be a good fit for you. We have diverse needs–your work might be the perfect fit and we would love to meet you.

If you are interested or would like to learn more about us, please give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to take some time with you–don't worry, there are a lot of questions when connecting with an art publisher and we are here to make sure it works for both of us.

When you are ready, you can send samples of your work via email or US mail.

Email Us: artists@gangoeditions.com

Call Us: (503) 223-9694

Material should be addressed to:

New Artists
Gango Editions, Inc.
2187 NW Reed Street
Portland, OR. 97210

Note: Gango Editions requests that you do not submit original art. We like to look at image files, CD's, photographs, or color copies. All submissions are thoroughly considered. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure the proper return of your materials.


We work with major national art buyers, framing companies, distributors, retailers, and gallery owners to deliver your images to the marketplace. Our artists are our most valuable resource. We work cooperatively with our artists to deliver the right image to the right customer and maximize the earning potential for both the artist and Gango Editions. We pay royalties to our artists and take care of the total cost of production, marketing, sales, inventory, and distribution. Our artists retain all copyrights to their images as we license only for the use of their images in wall décor.