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Want to know what is HOT in art publishing? Check out Gango Editions’s new Hot Lists. Every list is themed, displaying newly published pieces and other favorites that are sure to dazzle your customers. Download the Fashion and Bath lists now. Visit the Design Lab in the near future for more hot themes!

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Faux Bois

Product designers have produced an explosion of new objects for the home thanks to new production techniques in recent years.  As we know, good design springs from well-known design principles, not just new techniques.  Thankfully, faux bois takes advantage of both. Faux bois, or the use of wood shape, pattern, or texture in design incorporates [...]

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Bringing the World Home

Eat. Drink. Be merry. America is in love with food! Wall art feeds different styles and tastes as it compliments the interest and diversity of the consumer who has brought entertaining back into the home. As we set our tables to welcome friends and family, we also set our style through wall décor. Where we [...]

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We are able to bring fresh new variety whether you have one art supplier or many.  Our Art Director and Design Staff work hundreds of hours to ensure that you have a steady supply of artwork that is well-suited for your market. With over 2,100 images in our current offering, Gango Editions delivers a broad [...]

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Distinct Groups

Our diverse range of customers demands a variety of design solutions every day. Whether you are a publisher, designer, framer, or retailer you know the needs of the marketplace and are changing every season as the population of our country changes, moves, and ages. To meet the needs of a large population, Gango Editions has [...]

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Dollarwise Decor

Designers and framers provide a fantastic value in a tight economy. In today’s climate, we are learning to make the most of the assets that work for us. How can we change a room without a substantial investment? Simple: change the mood of the entire room with new artwork. Visual arts have the power to [...]

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Wide Angle on Design

Nature informs and inspires our art. Natural patterns form the basis of an amazing range of images and ground even the most modern human spaces. Among our thousands of images, even our abstract images contain elements representative of the natural world. Our metallic process, ColourSheen™ shines most brightly when following the patterns and colors that [...]

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Design Meets Economy

Innovation runs in our veins as design propels us forward every season. Even with over 1800 images in stock, our market demands evolution, change, and excitement—we are happy to deliver. Every month, our creative team works with customer feedback, market trends, artists, and product developers to get ahead of the pack and deliver perfectly timed [...]

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