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Get to Know Paul Brent

Paul BrentPaul Brent is an artist whose paintings of coastal life and nature have gained widespread recognition both nationally and internationally. His passion for creativity has led to an expression both in fine art as well as producing designs for functional and decorative objects. Regarded as today’s foremost coastal artist he has always been intensely aware of his surroundings and his artwork reflects his wonder and admiration for scenes and objects of natural beauty.

The following interview will explore the artist’s inspiration and method.

Q. As one of our best selling artists your work attracts a broad range of
customers. What do you see as the central appeal to your artwork?

Tranquility Sentiment
A. If the meaning of art is to impart emotion visually then I think the message of all of my art is to create the emotions of joy and relaxation in a world that is full of stress. I think this is possibly the greatest appeal of my artwork to those who buy it. My artwork not only fits in with people’s décor but often takes them away to a fond memory of a beach retreat or the simple pleasure of a moment in time that is a quiet getaway moment. This is what I have seen in my artwork and have had many comments from lovers of my art who have said the same thing.

Q. How did you get on the path to becoming a professional artist? Was their a pivotal moment that made the difference in your success?

A. I have been creating art since as early as I can remember. My mother was an elementary school teacher and always had a lot of art supplies around that she encouraged me to use when I wanted something to do. I began selling my art when a friend suggested I display my art at an outdoor art show in 1976. A pivotal moment came when buyers began asking if I had prints of my work. I started publishing prints and selling them to framers and galleries in 1986. My career took a big leap forward at that moment because I went from a local artist to selling my work around the globe in one year.

Hit the Beach IQ. Do you have a favorite piece?

A. I like a lot of my work. In fact, if I don’t like it I won’t finish it or release it for publishing. My standard comment is that the painting I like best is the one I just finished.

Q. Sometimes art can be a passion and sometimes it can be a labor. Have you ever been frustrated by your work?

A. There have been times when I have felt trapped in a style of painting. I painted over 20 years in watercolor alone and that was when I decided to experiment with oil painting. Beginning in 2000 I began painting in oil and have greatly enjoyed the change. While I have continued to paint in watercolor, the change in media has been exciting and has really broadened the variety of my work.

Q. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Where do you find inspiration? How do you keep your creativity flowing?

A. I am inspired by the beauty of what is around me and by my travels. I keep a file of photography and recently I have been putting my photos and my resulting work on When I need inspiration I just start going through my files and something will jump out and say “Paint me!”

Paul Brent painting by the oceanArt is a combination of painting, subject, color, composition, and style. I consider all of these things when I paint. In fact, I will sometimes paint a subject in watercolor, oil and pen and ink. In each medium there is a wide range of working and I enjoy trying new techniques with subjects I have previously painted a lot. Most of the time, I have a mental image of the piece before I begin to work. I am continually comparing the painting to the image I have in my head as I go along. Other times I just begin by experimenting and see where it leads.

Q. What are you working on now and what are your plans for the upcoming year?

A. Right now I have been painting some florals in a loose watercolor style. I like this because it is free flowing and I enjoy how the pigment runs in the damp areas and the colors remain so brilliant. It is good to get back into watercolor again. I will next complete some concept pieces for Surtex, the licensing and design show in New York. The best of these pieces will become collections for manufacturers and publishers. After that I want to do some more oil painting, probably some new seascapes.

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