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Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer links together metallic gold and silver with warm yellow-based neutrals. Natural elements like gilded leaves, bark, and branches provide complex forms to the modern industrial metallic elements. Look also for traditional and nostalgic images or objects featured in gold and then presented in a clean modern space accented with warm neutrals. Animal skins, [...]

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Coco Blush

Coco Blush blends soft neutral tan, taupe, and brown hues with warm colors heavily influenced by fuchsia and pink. The demure and feminine feel fits naturally with floral subjects, whether they are used in a traditional or contemporary style. Coco Blush is a beautifully elevated style. Neutrals, including grey and black, together with color contrast [...]

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Jaded Bayou

Jaded Bayou moves from the aqua-chocolate pallet into cleaner blues. The soft, calm pallet was derived from the natural elements of sky and water, offering a healing and restful appeal. Perfect for clean and sophisticated designs, this pallet has found a home in coastal art. As the pallet has become more popular, it has expanded [...]

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Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow provides a distinctly sophisticated masculine palette. Often Mood Shadow is accented with metallic undertones and a color range from neutral black and grey to warm grey and taupe. Look for modern silhouette patterns within the color palette along with traditional floral elements in smart modern backgrounds. Gango Editions ColourSheen truly shines in the [...]

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Fern Root

Fern Root is inspired by the earthy organic colors of nature. Mossy green, warm blue, and rich brown are natural fits in traditional or lodge design, but use of the color palette in reserved, clean ways allow for more contemporary applications as well. Gango Editions has a wealth of rich brown and green colors in [...]

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Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar rests at the core of a hugely successful movement in color. Designers render styles including Tuscan, Bohemian, African, and Latin out of this one palette alone. The rich, inviting, earth-bound colors have driven products and interior design for over ten years, allowing consumers to become deeply invested in their personal spaces. The depth [...]

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