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Distinct Groups

Our diverse range of customers demands a variety of design solutions every day. Whether you are a publisher, designer, framer, or retailer you know the needs of the marketplace and are changing every season as the population of our country changes, moves, and ages.

To meet the needs of a large population, Gango Editions has strategically planned for the Three-Generational customer base. Three distinct buying groups make up vast segments of the U.S. population: Baby Boomers (85 million), GenX’ers (50 million), and GenY’ers (76 million)1. Understanding the varied desires of these consumer groups allows companies to effectively deliver top-selling products to market. We note measurable differences between these groups in where, how, and what they buy2. Additionally, we see strong trends and advantages between the Baby Boom and their children, GenY or the Echo Boom3. While mom and dad are exploring Tuscany and fine wine, the kids are learning to work their way into the global economy.

Best Sellers

GOR-116-117You can see our generational response in all our work, even within the work of a single artist. Best selling artist Greg Gorham has found appeal among each generation through his rich interpretation of wine. Gango Editions’ best selling images, Chateau Vin and Villa Toscano, reflect traditional design and European influences from France and Italy. The Tuscan inspired spice to produce the strongest sales in recent years, worthy of an established trend supported by the massive Baby Boom. Thanks to the strength of the Tuscan trend, every generation has enjoyed growth in Tuscan style, food, wine, and travel. Each age group grasps this core trend and applies a twist to make it their own.

New Twist

GOR-160-161While Gorham has expertly met the interests of the Baby Boom with Tuscan wine imagery, he has also created the perfect interpretation of wine for GenX and GenY. Looking at wine with a more urban attitude we find a place for his work among modern art. Gorham fuses text, geometric shapes, and loose style in his youthful composition. Stronger colors in red, white, and black compliment the modern display. In a nod to their context, he brings in traditional fleur de lis and a splash of teal. From GenY to Baby Boom each will find the modernization of their interests irresistible.

Listening to the customer often means understanding the customer. The demographic forces in our market help us respond in a better way to the needs of the buyer. In the end, we bring together the Gango Editions Design Lab and our talented artists to supply the right art prints at the right time.

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